About Nail


The nail is a horny plate, it can not breathe. That is why it’s a common misbelief that you need a break to let your nails breathe. Many nail technician rasps too much the natural nails and it becomes weak. Your nails need 4-5 month break to grow stronger, they grow 3 mm in a month.

Usually you realize after removing the artificial nails, that your natural nails are very weak. The reality is that you just think it’s so weak, because you are used to have the fake nails on your hands, that are strong and hard. If the nail technician is professional and she prepares properly the artificial nails, you can have it for years and you don’t need a break.

Many factors affect the growth of the nails, chewing them and some disease can slow it down. In summer and in warm climates (because of vitamin D) the natural nail grow faster. The nail on your hands grow twice as fast as nails on your feet.





The most natural and comfortable nail shape. It can be rounded or narrower, elongated shape.



It’s an elegant, popular shape which mostly suits on narrow nails.





The most popular shape these days. Elegant, narrowed square.



This is a graceful, narrowed square shape which has a rounded end.



This curved square shape makes a special looking.



It’s a long nail shape with parallel sides. Pointy, graceful nail.


Russian almond

This is the most comfortable nail shape from the extreme nail shapes. It’s a long, strongly curved almond looking nail.